I love fall and everything that comes along with it. This morning I woke up to a FREEZING house – so I thought that in celebration of it being Halloween weekend and being able to go outside without sweating your boobs off- I would make something festive.

Now, I found a recipe for Organic Quinoa Pancakes…but figured I would be a lazy cook and just use some of my Cracker Barrel pancake mix and add in some stuff to make it yummier.


So with 2 cups of said magic mix, one cage-free egg, one cup of silk almond milk, I was good to go.

For some festiveness [and cause I was bored and wanted to feel like I remembered my way around a kitchen other than straight to the fridge], I added one chopped granny smith apple, 1/2 a cup of cooked organic quinoa, a tsp of vanilla, and about a Tbsp of organic honey before frying them up on the stove top!

They were delish – and the only thing that put me in more of a festive mood was stopping and enjoying some of the BEAUTIFUL colors in nature right now.

So with my Halloween socks on, ideas in my head of how I am going to pull of being a ‘tree’ tomorrow [and looking as ridiculous as possible], I am ready for this action-packed weekend.

To make it even more exciting, I am volunteering at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank tomorrow and working a Donut Run Sunday [yes…they give you donut holes every mile. My kind of race.] to get in some Human Rights Activist hours for my Social Work placement!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and enjoys the FIRST HOLIDAY OF THE SEASON!

Madison (1)



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