Slander With Beneficence

Slander With Beneficence

Alongside The Trees, You’ll Hear Her Weep

Catching Fallen Leaves, You’ll Hear Her Whispers

Despite Warnings So Blunt, Spent Her Wishes on Weeds

Freedom Presenting A Promise Unspoken


You Find Her Boldly Flirting With Danger

Frightful Men Run In Tears

Yet Arbors Knowing Pure Minds Of Mortals

Finding Feigned Attempts Rather Amusing


A Mind Misunderstood

Paints A Dream For Reality

A Colour Lacks Namesake Yet Chosen Still

While Many Note Worries, She Notes Freedom From Bondage


Demons Stand Guard At Invisible Walls

Her Eyes Holding Secret To Treasures Untold

She Twirls And She Spins As Darkness Surrounds



Engulfed In Darkness


Chasing Your Soul Through Mountain’s Weather

You Blink And See Her With Her Trees

You Stop To Kiss Her By Her Thunder


Like A Wasp, Its Buzz and Sting Linger

Her Beauty Still, It’s Always Moving

You Find Her Dancing With Falling Leaves


Your Wander Slows As She Locks The Door

Her Eyes Once More

So Full Of Fearful Sorrow

See The Sunshine In Her

As She Fades Away



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