Exploring The Gem of The West


My boyfriend, TJ, and I spent Spring Break with my parents in Kansas City. Aside from the great food, I saw more of the city than ever before!

Born in the city, it was really awesome to visit places my parents used to frequent, see all of the amazing public art, beautiful history, and experiences it has! It was especially special to spend all of it with the people closest to me!

Best Breakfast

Eggtc. uses ingredients from the KC area, understands the importance of amazing coffee, and believes that breakfast is most definitely the most important meal of the day. This is always a favorite when I go to KC, and now TJ is hooked. Really they just give you anything you want and a lot of it-what’s better than that?.


Classic Cup is a little more up-scale. In the Plaza, it was one of the first places I ever remember eating at in Kansas City when I was about 7 or 8. It’s fancy and unique with a beautiful fireplace, all the bells and whistles, and smoked salmon with your bagel.

Breakout KC


Doing ‘breakouts’ is huge right now. As much as I loved the thrill of getting out, I don’t know if this is really a skill I’m glad is a trend the American public is starting to acquire? – Breaking out of locked spaces in under an hour.

Nelson-Atkins Museum

I took about a million and twenty pictures, so it was hard to pick the best! The Civil Rights Photography exhibition was breathtaking, and brought my social work schoolwork to life through these photos. It was amazing to see these clear, crisp photos in front of me; making me feel as thought I was in these historical moments. There were some really awesome sculptures and paintings. Some I don’t even want to know how long they took. This one [that looks like the Italy flag?] TJ and Dad seemed to find really interesting? There were 4 HUGE busts outside made of different parts of plants and bushes, a  collaborative ‘political mug collection’ that was definitely up my alley, and I even got to see an Andy Warhol in person:)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Best View of Downtown & Union Station

We went to the World War I Museum, to find that it was actually closing in the next 15 minutes. When we were leaving, I noticed that the hilltop from the Museum gave you the most beautiful view of Kansas City-Including Union Station right at the bottom! In Union Station we saw this hand painted piano. I painted a guitar a while ago, and it was quite an undertaking…this piano was definitely a highlight!


This abandoned Workhouse was used as a prison in the early 1900s where people would go to ‘work off’ petty crimes through civil work. Now abandoned, it’s pretty dang cool. It was actually cleaned up pretty significantly in 2013 for a couple to get married in it! I love to see buildings like this have multiple lives –

Back in Columbus at the end of the week, I had a bit of a rocky couple of days adjusting back to reality. It was so nice getting to spend such an amazing week with my family, and honestly I don’t think I will ever forget it.


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