Trash? Nah. Basket.

I saw a picture of a magazine waste basket a few months ago-and thought that this was exactly the monotonous, resourceful project that perfectly depicted my outlook on crafting. That crafting should be an escape from my everyday grind as well as make the most of the materials around me to create something unexpected and one-of-a-kind.

How-To: Magazine Basket

Tear magazine pages in 1/2.

Fold 1/2 pages into strips – attach last fold of the sheet to the strip (Modge Podge) 

Coil the end of one strip on top of itself, attaching the end with Modge Podge.

Take another strip, and continue the coil-using Modge Podge to attach it as you go.

Continue this until you have one large coil that is the size you would like the base of your basket to be.

Modge Podge the front and back of the large coil to seal and harden the base.

Make 9 million single-strip coils.

(Not 9 million…but trust me, it will feel like it)

Take some of the single-strip coils and add 1, 2, 3… more strips to make larger coils. 

It’s best to just make a bunch of small ones and then add strips when needed as you’re building to make them fit better together!

Break out JoAnne* and Hot glue single-strip coils all along the outside of the base.


*My Hot Glue Gun ❤

Mix and match the different sizes of coils on top of the single-coils you just glued on the boarder of the base. Modge Podge entire inside and outside of basket to make it stable


Fill your basket with bomb stuff and get ready for everyone to be hella jell of it!
I mean hello, it’s made of magazines that would have just been thrown away!
In total, the cost of everything for this basket was around $3. I used about 4 oz of Modge Podge, Free magazines, and around 10 mini glue sticks.
So for a basket I could easily sell at a craft fair or on Etsy for $20 or $30 – that’s a pretty decent profit! Not to mention that I so much enjoyed making it!
Well.. That’s all I have for now!
Until next time, remember: You time is important. Learn what your self-care is, and apologize to no one for acting on it. Meanwhile, I’ll be crafting xoxo

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